Tom Nealon


Tom Nealon

Leadership is... working with others to create a meaningful and compelling vision, nurturing the environment to bring it to life, and living by the Basic Principles that makes Southwest so unique.

TITLE:  President

JOB DESCRIPTION:  In his role as President, Tom is responsible for the Commercial, Finance, Technology, Corporate Delivery and Strategy & Innovation Departments. He will continue to foster the energy that Southwest—famous for its entrepreneurial spirit and creative problem solving—puts into developing innovative products, services, and processes. Before assuming the role of President, Tom served as the Executive Vice President of Strategy & Innovation at Southwest. 

PRIOR EXPERIENCE:  Group Executive Vice President, JCPenney, Partner with the Feld Group, Vice President & CIO at Frito-Lay.


EDUCATION: Villanova University, BSBA, University of Dallas, MBA  

FAMILY:  my wife, Shannon, Jessica (19), Tommy (17), and Annie (14)

FIRST PAYING JOB:  Paper Route when I was 12 years old

PROUDEST MOMENT:  when I saw my wife holding our first child in the delivery room

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED:  “Always work hard, be prepared, and be nice to people.”  From my Dad, just before I got on the plane to move to Texas after graduating from college. 

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN:  “Always work hard, be prepared, and be nice to people.”  From me to our daughter Jessica as we were leaving her at her dorm freshman year. 

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