Sonya Lacore

Vice President Inflight Operations

Sherry Staber

Favorite Leadership Quote:  
"Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily even if you had no title or position."
- Brian Tracy

Title: Vice President Inflight Operations

JOB DESCRIPTION:  Support Inflight Operations while working as a Team to meet our goals and while providing our People with the tools needed to succeed.

EXPERIENCE: Began as a Flight Attendant in 2001. Inflight Supervisor and Assistant Manager of the Orlando Inflight Base. Manager Phoenix Inflight Base. Regional Director Base Operations. Sr. Director Base Operations. Sr. Director Onboard Experience & Support.

LENGTH OF SERVICE AT SOUTHWEST:  Began with Southwest in 2001.

FAMILY:  Husband Michael and two adult sons, Bobby and Brad. And Dino the golden lab.

FIRST PAYING JOB:  Babysitting at age 12

PROUDEST MOMENT:  “The day the 43 members of the Employee Design Team presented the new uniform to Gary and his Leadership Team. They worked so hard, and you could see how happy they were. If that had been my last day at Southwest, it would have all been worth it for that moment.”

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED:  Offering kindness to others will create joyful moments in your life - taught by my father and he was right! 

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN:  Enjoy the moment. Don’t look for what’s happening somewhere else, or you’ll miss the present.

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