Laurie Barnett

Managing Director Communications & Outreach

Jeff Lamb

Leadership is… "Hiring really bright and passionate people, equipping them with what they need, and then getting out of their way."

Title: Managing Director Communications & Outreach

JOB DESCRIPTION:  Guiding the efforts of Media Relations, Employee Communications, Emergency Response and Business Continuity, Strategic Public Relations, Social Business, Community Programs & Engagement, Visual Communication, and Community Affairs & Grassroots.

EXPERIENCE: Previously was Senior Director Outreach & Preparedness.   Started Southwest's Emergency Response Program in 2000, growing the preparedness function to include Business Continuity, then added Outreach which includes philanthropic giving, volunteerism & community relations.  Joined Southwest as a Senior Buyer in the Purchasing Department. 

EDUCATION:  Bachelor of Science degree, Abilene Christian University

LENGTH OF SERVICE AT SOUTHWEST:  Started October of 1996

FAMILY:  Husband, Jim, and two children, Kennedy and Jensen

FIRST PAYING JOB:  Working at the local mall jewelry store Chains by the Inch

PROUDEST MOMENT:  Personal:  becoming a mother- it is such a blessing and privilege
Professional:  watching our first aircraft take off at Dallas Love Field after 9/11

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED:   People first!  "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN:  "This too shall pass."  You will face difficult times in life, but always have hope!

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