Kay Weatherford

Vice President Revenue Management & Pricing

Kay Weatherford

Leadership is...
"About doing the right thing; it is about finding the right people to build and improve the Team. It is about communicating honestly and openly with your Team and with other Teams; it is about listening as well. It is about being accountable and responsible. It is about working TOGETHER for the greater good of SWA".
--Kay Weatherford

TITLE: Vice President Revenue Management & Pricing for Southwest Airlines Co.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Kay's department works to ensure that every Southwest Airlines flight departs with the maximum amount of revenue onboard. Kay is also in charge of pricing and making sure that Southwest Airlines always gives people the "FREEDOM TO FLY!"

EXPERIENCE: Kay had 3 years of Public Accounting experience prior to coming to Southwest Airlines. She arrived at Southwest Airlines in October of 1992 as a contract Employee working on a large project in the Finance Department. Kay was hired as a full-time Employee 7 months later and held several progressive positions in Finance, with the majority of time spent as a Sr. Financial Analyst, Manager, Director, and finally Senior Director of Revenue, Traffic, and Network Analysis. Kay now leads the Revenue Management Department since August of 2008.


EDUCATION: B.A. in Accounting from the University of Texas at Arlington

FAMILY: Kay and her husband Ed, have two children, Trent and Logan

FIRST PAYING JOB: Babysitting for family and neighbors' kids

PROUDEST MOMENT: When I see my kids being caring and thoughtful without my prompt!

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: To be myself and to add people to my Team who can teach ME something new.

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN: Always remember that honesty and great communication is key!

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