Jim Ruppel

Vice President Customer Relations & Rapid Rewards

Jim Ruppel

Leadership is...
"Practicing the Golden Rule, choosing to be a positive influence, and respecting others."

Title: Vice President Customer Relations & Rapid Rewards

JOB DESCRIPTION: Jim is responsible for the general management of Customer Relations, Customer Advocacy, and the Customer Relations function of the Rapid Rewards program.

EXPERIENCE: Prior to working at Southwest, Jim was employed by Case-Dunlap as an advertising specialties sales representative. At Southwest, he has served in Dallas as a provisioning agent, a ramp agent, a baggage service representative, manager of central baggage claims, and director of Customer Relations.

EDUCATION: Jim earned a B.S. in business administration from Centenary College in 1976.


FIRST PAYING JOB: Working as a baggage clerk for Tom Thumb Food Stores in Dallas.

PROUDEST MOMENT: Marrying his wife, Beth.

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: Always remember there are two sides to every story.

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN: If you always err on the side of the Customer, you will never get in trouble.

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