Jeff Lamb

Executive Vice President of Corporate Services

Jeff Lamb

Leadership is...
"helping People clearly see a picture of the future that creates passion, working hard, serving others, learning from mistakes and celebrating the victories."

Title: Executive Vice President of Corporate Services

JOB DESCRIPTION: Jeff Lamb serves Southwest Airlines as Executive Vice President of Corporate Services. Jeff is responsible for all activities involved in bringing the right People into Southwest Airlines; giving all Employees the opportunity for personal and professional growth; and assuring quality and depth of Leadership throughout the Company. Jeff also oversees the Airport Affairs, Technology, Diversity & Inclusion, and Corporate Facilities Departments. Jeff helped establish Southwest's Diversity Council and served as its founding Co-chair. Jeff also serves on the National Board of Directors for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Children's Medical Center.

EXPERIENCE: Prior to joining Southwest Airlines in 2004, Jeff worked for three different companies in three different industries during his first 25 years in business. Jeff worked for Roger Staubach at the Staubach Company as their Executive Vice President Corporate Operations, and he was also President of both Staubach Lease Administration and Staubach Facilities Management Companies. He also worked for Boone Pickens at Mesa Petroleum as their Vice President Administration and in a similar position in the media industry as Vice President of Administration at Belo Corporation.

EDUCATION: Jeff completed his undergraduate work at West Texas State University – Canyon, Texas (now West Texas A&M) in 1986.

LENGTH OF SERVICE AT SOUTHWEST: Started in December 2004.

FAMILY: Jeff is married to Kim and they have three daughters and one granddaughter.

FIRST PAYING JOB: "I shined shoes (50 cents per shine!) in the Tower Barber Shop – Amarillo, Texas the summer I turned 14."

PROUDEST MOMENT: "I've been so blessed that it is difficult to pick just one, but Kim saying 'yes' when I proposed would have to be at the top."

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: "There is little traffic on the extra mile."

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN: The saying, "People don't care what you know until they know that you care," is truer at SWA than anywhere.

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