James Ashworth

Managing Director Customer Support and Services

James Ashworth

Title: Managing Director Customer Support and Services

JOB DESCRIPTION: Oversees the strategic planning and operational execution of Southwest Airline's Customer Support and Services Department.

EXPERIENCE: James has been in and around the airline industry for almost 30 years. His airline education started when his Dad joined Eastern Airlines as a Ramp Manager in 1987 and James helped him with his city code test. His Dad went on to have a successful career in airline management and James learned along the way. James started his own airline career in 1992 with Ogden Aviation Services as an Appearance Technician. In 1994 James joined ValuJet as a Reservations Agent, and when ValuJet became AirTran in 1997 James continued to grow with the Company. He was promoted to several Leadership positions during his tenure at AirTran and was the General Manager of the Atlanta Call Center prior to joining Southwest as Sr. Manager Center Operations in 2012.  James' first major assignment at Southwest was consolidating the three AirTran call Centers into one Georgia Center. James most recently served Southwest as Regional Director Center Operations and was instrumental in the successful integration of AirTran Call Center Operations into Southwest CS&S.


FAMILY: James and his wife Precious have two children, James Jr. (Jay) and Skylar (Sky).

FIRST PAYING JOB: Mowing lawns for neighbors – I made $250 that summer!

PROUDEST MOMENT: My family has afforded me many proud moments. One of the most inspiring was watching my son set a goal and achieve his black belt in Karate at age TEN.

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: Was from my Mom, she always said, "You can't do it all by yourself."

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN: Don't let what you can't do dictate what you can do.

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