Dave Harvey

Managing Director, Business Development

Jeff Lamb

Title: Managing Director, Business Development

JOB DESCRIPTION: Leads strategy and execution in growing critical areas of our Commercial business including:

  • Regional Management, Commercial Performance, and Mid/Long-range Capacity
  • International and Alliances
  • Corporate Sales



  • Started with Southwest Airlines in 1999 as a Programmer / Analyst in the Technology Department (Crew, Dispatch, Resource Optimization, Schedule Planning)
  • Transitioned to Project Manager role in 2002
  • Promoted to Manager role in 2004 (Schedule Planning Systems, Supply Chain)
  • Promoted to Sr. Manager in 2007 (southwest.com)

Strategy & Planning

  • Moved to Strategic Planning & Implementation  as Sr. Manager of Portfolio Management in 2007
  • Transitioned to Sr. Manager of Program Management in 2009; launched PM Community
  • Promoted to Director of Strategic Planning & Implementation in 2010
  • Promoted to Sr. Director of Strategic Planning in 2012 with a focus on Integrated Business Planning (Fleet, Commercial, Customer, and Operations)

Commercial Planning & Performance

  • Moved to Sr. Director of Commercial Planning & Performance in January 2013 working directly with the Chief Commercial Officer to develop a planning and performance function across Network Planning, Marketing, Revenue Management, and Financial Planning & Analysis

Network Planning & Performance

  • Moved to Sr. Director of Network Planning & Performance in October 2013 continuing Commercial responsibilities as well as leading domestic Capacity Planning

Awards & Recognition

  • Graduated from MIT II in 2007
  • President's Award Winner in 2012

Bachelor of Business Administration from UT Austin in 1999

  • Management Information Systems

Masters of Business Administration from UT Dallas in 2006

  • Operations Management

Masters of Science from UT Dallas in 2008

  • Organizational Strategy

PMP (Project Management Professional) Certified in 2007

LENGTH OF SERVICE AT SOUTHWEST: Started in June 1999 (16.5 years)

FAMILY: Married Juleeta in June 2000; she graduated with a Bachelors of Arts from UT Austin in 1999 and a Masters of Arts from University of Dallas in 2005; she currently home- schools our sons and is a Writer

Father of 5 boys (Luke, Ethan, Matthew, Isaac, and Isaiah)

FIRST PAYING JOB: Soccer Referee for 4 and 5-year olds (i.e. herding cats)

PROUDEST MOMENT: Wedding day and birth of son

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: Follow the Golden Rule (Colleen Barrett)

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN: Always stay humble and hungry.

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