Craig Drew

Senior Vice President Air Operations

Craig Drew

Leadership is...
"Leadership is the ability to demonstrate positive influence and then executing and delivering the right thing."
--Craig Drew

Title: Senior Vice President Air Operations

JOB DESCRIPTION: Craig oversees Flight Operations, Cabin Services, Network Operations Control, and Regulatory Programs & Compliance.

EXPERIENCE: At Southwest Airlines, Craig has been a First Officer, Captain, Check Airman, Chief Pilot for the LAS Pilot Base, and Vice President Flight Operations. Prior to joining Southwest, Craig served as the Director of Flight Standards at SkyWest Airlines and was an FAA-designated flight inspector. Craig holds an ATP with a type rating in the 737.


EDUCATION: Craig earned a BS from BYU and a MS from California State University.

FAMILY: Wife, Allison
5 sons (all are Eagle Scouts – Craig gives the credit to Allison)
9 grandchildren

FIRST PAYING JOB: Paper boy in Ontario, Canada.

PROUDEST MOMENT: Marrying my wife!

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: When I started in this industry in the early 80s, I was working as a flight instructor, making $800 a month with a wife, two kids, and $1100 in bills. The economy was struggling, and I was stocking groceries two nights a week to make ends meet. I had thoughts of changing careers, even though I had always wanted to be an airline pilot.

During that time, my father-in-law gave me some great advice: "Never give up on your dreams. Never quit. Always go a little farther and you'll get there."

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN: Life is what happens when you make other plans. Always be willing and able to navigate the unexpected.

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