Bob Montgomery

Vice President Airport Affairs

Bob Montgomery

Leadership is...
"Turning hearts in the same direction."

Title: Vice President Airport Affairs

JOB DESCRIPTION: Bob satisfies all Southwest Airlines Real Estate needs in a way that supports our People, our Mission, and our Culture.

EXPERIENCE: Bob has held a number of positions throughout the Southwest system including: Ramp Agent (both part-time and full-time), Operations Agent, Ticket Agent, Staff Accountant in Payroll and Employee Benefits, Assistant Manager of Customer Service, Manager of Customer Service, Assistant Manager of Ramp and Operations, Manager of Ramp and Operations, Manager of Airport Affairs, Director of Airport Affairs, Senior Director of Airport Affairs and Facilities, and Vice President of Airport Affairs and Facilities.

EDUCATION: Bachelor's Degree of Business Administration in Finance from Texas Tech University and a Masters of Theological Studies from Ave Maria University.

LENGTH OF SERVICE AT SOUTHWEST: Started October 3, 1977.

FAMILY: Bob lives in Farmers Branch with his wife, Gretchen.

FIRST PAYING JOB: Bob started a newspaper route at 11 years old and has worked continuously ever since.

PROUDEST MOMENT: "When Colleen honored Robert Dorsey upon completion of the Headquarters Building in 1990."

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: "Your friends may not always do what you want, but your enemies never will," and "Know when to shut up and make a deal."

BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN: "Surround yourself with capable, caring people and then listen to them."

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