Madeleine Johnson

Vice President General Counsel

Madeleine Johnson

Leadership is...
"making a leap of faith and demonstrating to others that it is possible."
--Madeleine Johnson

TITLE: Vice President General Counsel
JOB DESCRIPTION: The General Counsel provides legal advice to Southwest Airlines Co. on all legal matters. The General Counsel is principally responsible for advising the Board of Directors and senior management on a range of legal issues related to the development and implementation of Southwest's business strategy, corporate governance, compliance policies, general corporate matters and litigation. The General Counsel supervises the work of outside counsel retained in legal matters involving the company.
EXPERIENCE: Madeleine served as the Dallas City Attorney for five years where she managed a department of 90 attorneys and was responsible for all legal matters at the City. She also served for five years as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Northern District of Texas. Her focus as a federal prosecutor was on white collar crime, including public corruption and national security the division that researches and prepares advisory. Madeleine was Chief of the Opinion Division at the Texas Attorney General's office, the division that researches and prepares advisory and public information opinions. Madeleine was a principal at the law firm of Fish & Richardson.

She began her career as a commercial litigator at Thompson & Knight in Dallas. Madeleine clerked for the Honorable Jerre Williams of the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.
EDUCATION: J.D. Tulane Law School, B.A. Bryn Mawr College
FIRST PAYING JOB: I was a cashier at a department store.
PROUDEST MOMENT: "As City Attorney, assembling a team that implemented innovative approaches to tackling problems of crime and substandard housing in distressed neighborhoods."
BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: "When confronted with a crisis, start by taking a deep breath."
BEST ADVICE EVER GIVEN: "Don't harp on the past. Let it go and move on."

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