Hurricane Sandy Animals Flown To Safe Haven On Southwest Airlines Charter

Airline Partners with SeaWorld to Relocate 60 Orphaned Animals to Helen Woodward Animal Center in California

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The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy continues to impact thousands of people in the Northeast US but it's also impacted pets and animals that may no longer have homes. Orphaned pets that have filled shelters are being displaced to make room for thousands of animals displaced in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Today, 60 orphaned dogs and cats from Save A Pet on Long Island and Delco SPCA in Delaware County were flown across the country on a Southwest Airlines special charter flight, chaperoned by SeaWorld's animal rescue experts, just in time to find safety and security in a new home for the holidays, the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

The extraordinary rescue was made possible by Southwest Airlines, whose Flight Crews donated their time to work the flight; by BP Air, which donated fuel for the cross-country journey; and by SeaWorld, which provided veterinarians and animal technicians to chaperone the furry and four-legged passengers during this cross-country rescue. SeaWorld's animal experts in San Diego also donated ground transportation to get the animals closer to their new homes. After touching down and landing on all fours at Lindbergh Field, veterinarians at the Helen Woodward Animal Center evaluated and administered some medical treatment, vaccinations, and will either spay or neuter the animals before helping place them in homes with adoptive families.

Check back soon for downloadable 16:9 video of Saturday's flight.


Michelle Agnew, Southwest Airlines Communication

Suzanne Pelisson, SeaWorld Communications

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