Southwest Airlines Now Serving TOFUnuts Onboard

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Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) today begins serving a delicious onboard snack in addition to the carrier's legendary peanut offering, TOFUnuts. With the same salty taste, TOFUnuts contain more protein than Southwest's lightly salted peanuts. Customers who stop in the airport terminal for that savory cheeseburger can wash away the guilt knowing that a packet of TOFUnuts will help lower bad cholesterol. Other benefits include appearing younger as Customers step off one of the carrier's LUV jets since the isoflavones in the TOFUnuts scavenge free radicals to prevent premature aging.     

"We didn't think we could top our world famous peanuts, but this little baby has real potential," said Kevin Krone, Southwest Airlines Vice President of Marketing, Sales, and Distribution. "If you aren't in the mood for our traditional peanuts, then get on the tofu train. I mean, a snack food and healthy skin—sign me up!"

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards A-List Customer Ross Brewer hosted an Inflight tweetup, giving a play-by-play of his eating experience between Denver and Chicago.

"It's heart-healthy, tastes great, and keeps you full #SouthwestTOFUnut," Brewer tweeted. Brewer followed up that tweet with "Whoa. The @SouthwestAir seatbelt sign is off and everyone's dancing. It's gotta be the TOFUnuts. I'm going for it, guys."

TOFUnuts are just another way Southwest is improving the Customer Experience onboard. Check out a photo of TOFUnuts on

"Working in our Provisioning Department, you get lots of creative ideas about what we should serve on our flights,"said Southwest Airlines Provisioning Agent Brooks McAllister. "I've had this idea for a while and finally suggested it—the rest is history!"

Southwest Airlines is known as a maverick Company and one to roll out enhancements based on Customer and Employee feedback. The launch of TOFUnuts will just be another milestone in the Southwest history book.
"I just love the light and salty TOFUnuts—it's a game-changer," said Southwest Airlines Communications Specialist Caleb Fox. "I can hardly wait for the honey roasted TOFUnuts!"

TOFUnuts will be served on all Southwest flights beginning April 1.  Based on Customer demand, the airline will determine whether to keep the offering onboard.
Happy April Fool's!*
After achieving its 39th consecutive year of profitability, Southwest Airlines continues to differentiate itself from other low-fare carriers--offering a reliable product with exemplary Customer Service. Southwest Airlines is the nation's largest carrier in terms of originating domestic passengers boarded and has acquired AirTran Airways, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Southwest Airlines Co. Southwest serves 73 cities in 38 states and remains one of the most honored airlines in the world known for its commitment to the triple bottom line of Performance, People, and Planet. To read more about how Southwest is doing its part to be a good citizen, visit to read the Southwest Airlines One Report(TM). Based in Dallas, Southwest currently operates more than 3,200 flights a day and has more than 37,000 Employees.

*Editor's Note: If you have read all the way to this section and still not realized this is a ruse, then you are as silly as we are.  Happy April Fool's!  No Southwest Airlines peanuts were harmed as a result of this joke

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