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Our Low Fare Story: The Southwest Effect is Alive and Well.

Forty three years ago, Southwest Airlines launched a low fare revolution. Today, the Southwest Effect is alive and well, as the nation’s leading low fare airline (the low fare policeman) continues to consistently offer the lowest fares in the industry, boost travel, and keep our competitors honest—all while standing alone against hidden fees. Read More →

Every Seat Has a Story: Hudson’s Big Day

Below is a story that was born out of a Facebook post from Customer Trisha Hughes. The initial post contained a simple thank you and a request to find the Southwest Pilot who was kind enough to brake and wave to her 5-year-old son, Hudson, from the flight deck of a Boeing 737. Using the time the picture was taken and pairing it with our schedule out of Albuquerque's Sunport, we were able to identify the Pilot, Captain Michael Hickey. For one 5-year-old, a Pilot waving back to him from an airplane was more than enough. For Captain Michael Hickey, the wave was only the beginning. The following post tells the story of Trisha and her son after we acknowledged their "firecracker moment" on social media. The associated video goes a bit further. It captures the moment when Captain Hickey reunited with Hudson, the boy waving from the other side of the fence, and allowed him to get a closer look at what being a Pilot is all about. Read More →

Southwest Airlines’ new aircraft seat

Southwest Airlines has selected the Customer seats for all future deliveries of the Boeing 737-800 and 737 MAX aircraft. Developed to enhance the Customer Experience the carrier will be the first to roll out the new seats, which arrive in 2016. Read More →

The Pulse of Southwest Heart

Southwest Airlines introduced a modern new look to its iconic brand at an event dedicated to its Employees. The airline proudly unveiled a new aircraft livery, named Heart One, airport experience, and logo. Read More →

Southwest Airlines Introduces Training and Operational Support Building with State-of-the-Art Operations Center

Southwest Airlines offers preview of $120 million, 492,000 square-foot, energy-efficient Training and Operational Support (TOPS) building. "The Airport Experience" provides a realistic ticket counter, gate, Baggage Service Office, jet bridge, and emergency evacuation trainer. TOPS is also home to Southwest's world-class Network Operations Control (NOC) facility, which serves as the Airline's 24/7 operation center. Read More →